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I remember back in the '90s when you were hip if you had your own website. I guess I got stuck there, since I don't find Facebook particularly engaging and I have the knowledge to create my own web content instead of having someone create it for me this site remains. Perhaps this site is a testiment to the "old school", perhaps it proves that Python and TurboGears are maintainable over a long stretch of time.

So, this cover page is just an entry point. If you want to really know how I think, be sure to check out my blog. It has general musings about technology, life as a consultant and in depth descriptions on various Python topics.

A little about the me: Hi! Chris here. Currently I consult for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado developing next-generation web applications and services utilizing GIS technologies to enable the scientists and general public alike evaluate the benefits from Renewable Energy implementations. One of the projects I maintain is IMBY, a webapp that allows visitors to determine if it makes sense to put a solar or wind system "In their Back Yard".

In the past I have worked on everything from natural language parsers for aritificial intelligence firms to embedded diagnostic software for military jet engine components (and pretty much everything in-between).

I mentioned consulting. I am a consultant by trade and a hired gun with a broad range of abilities ranging from technical project analysis and recovery (if it's broken, I can tell what it will take to fix it, and even help you through the process) to data system architecture and design. I write OSS code to scale. I work with a team of developers in colaboration with Compound Thinking to provide cost-effective solutions for your large scale web or data collection/analysis applications. I specialize in providing on-time deliverables that will make a difference in your organization. Here's a link to my technical resume.

In 2006 I had the privilege to complete my Top Rope Site Manager Certification from the AMGA. If you are a local guide service or indoor facility looking for a certified guide to help with your program please don't hesitate to contact me. Take a look at my credentials.

I have been very involved with the TurboGears2 framework for the past few years. I am the primary maintainer and release manager for the 2.1 version. For Turbogears I have developed a library to allow developers to more easily create web content directly from database definitions. The name of this project is sprox. This project is the driving force behind the TurboGears2 Administration System. In addition to creating a competitive admin system for TG, I have also provided 20% performance enhancements from the 2.0 version, overhauled the dispatch mechanism and made it more flexible. I have also been involved with the ToscaWidgets widgetting system, and have been a driving force in the lastest 2.0 branch.